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5 Fall Trends To Look Out For

Although the weather here in Louisiana may feel like we are no where near approaching Fall or Winter...that doesn't stop us trendy tailors from keeping up with the latest and great fashion trends! 😎

With that being said, here are 5 trends you should look out for this Fall! 🍂

1. Plaid

Who said Hollister and Abercrombie can't make a comeback? As if!

Ok...too far, but seriously plaid statement pieces are back for the wintertime.

2. Statement Coats

Who doesn't love a good street style coat? So. Posh.

3. Tweed

Want to instantly look vintage and chic? Add a tweed to your wardrobe - thank us later :)

4. Animal Print

I mean, does cheetah print every really go out of style? 🐆 Even if animal print clothing may get a bad rep sometimes, this Fall/Winter its go hard or go home!

5. Western Chic

The '80s are back, baby! And yes, this means you can finally bring out those puffy shoulder tops from your closet and those snakeskin cowgirl boots!

Now that you know WHAT to wear book a free consultation with one of our tailors so that you know HOW to wear it! 😉

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